The 3D-Printed Surfboard Project

Royal College of Art, 2017

My MA graduation project at the Royal College of Art is a prospective research about how we could conceive and produce better and more sustainable surfboards through the use of computational design, advanced engineering, and robotic additive-manufacturing. Using end-user biometric data, A.I algorithms and optimization processes such as evolutionary solvers, topology optimization or ‘stress-lines’ reinforcement, the generative workflow I designed aims to provide high-performance bespoke surfboards by reducing the use of material to its optimal arrangement. The research treats the economy of material as an alternative solution for sustainability as well as an innovative approach in terms of performance.

The project challenges structural integrity, manufacturing speed and size limit of 3D printed products. The prototypes have been produced by AiBuildTM and are currently made out of ABS, PET or PLA, meaning they can also be made out
of recycled ocean plastic waste.

This project aims to act as a catalyst that could transform the way we conceive, build and use surfboards.